A new partnership in the USA

We are proud to announce that Ice Star Oy and Hotfoil-EHS Inc. has entered into a partnership. Hotfoil-EHS will be one of the main distributors for Ice Star heat treatment products and control systems and provides the whole product family to the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Hotfoil-EHS, Inc. is highly respected and well known in the heat treatment industry as well as in Power plants, Oil Refineries and Coal mines. They supply a variety of Industrial Heating Equipment from power consoles, Induction machines, Combustion Equipment, hopper heaters, tank heaters, ceramic mat heaters and custom controls. Their headquarters are located in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Read more about Hotfoil-EHS from their website .

Matthew Richards,President of Hotfoil-EHS, says "This is a great opportunity to work together and provide our clients with the best control systems on the market".

For more information and inquiry contact Mr. Dean Prassas, dap@hotfoilehs.com or Lukas Blomstedt, lukas@icestar.fi .