Introducing ISK2

This year our so-called ”tophat”, ISK2, has gained great interest. With ISK2 it's easy to upgrade or change the old existing control system, it's compatible with any standard heat treatment transformer power source. ISK2 will be installed on the transformer with two cables (Bulgin 7p multisocket and 110V or other Voltage). It's possible to use ISK2 together with the old existing control system and paper recorders or only ISK2 controller. ISK2 stores all the temperatures, diagrams, alarms etc to its memory. Our control system, IS System, guarantees good work quality, easy usability and easy documentation.


The most versatile heat treatment unit on the market, ISK2, has many features for all your needs.

Choose controller:

  • Panel mounted controller (ISQ) with process display
  • DIN mounted controller (ISC) inside the ISK2

Choose number of Thermocouples:

  • 6 controlling TC and 6 monitoring TC
  • 6 controlling TC and 12 monitoring TC
  • 6 controlling TC and 24 monitoring TC
  • 12 controlling TC and 12 monitoring TC
  • 12 controlling TC and 24 monitoring TC

Choose communication ports for PC and other IS units:

  • USB (includes)
  • RS485 (includes)
  • RS232 (includes)
  • Wireless ZigBee radio 2,4Ghz or 900Mhz
  • Wireless Phoenix modem 2,4Ghz or 900Mhz or 868Mhz
  • WiFi / LAN

Choose optional parts:

  • Over voltage protection and cold end compensation for TCs (includes)
  • Current measurement sensors for output cables
  • ISN Displays
  • Touch Panel PC 12,1” LED display

Pictures of the ISK2 with 12 TC and 24 monitoring TC, Touch Panel PC and wireless ZigBee radio.

Technical data

Dimensions: 385mm x 160mm (with Panel PC +25mm) x 510mm

Weight: 5-17 kg

Material: Stainless steel

Power Input: 100-240 VAC

Control system: IS System with ISPort Software for PC

Ask for more information Lukas Blomstedt,