Our new heat treatment inverter machine, ISPowerX2, combines reliability, efficiency and performance in a compact design. ISPowerX2 is perfect for Pre-Heating and Post Weld Heat Treatment.

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Heat treatment controllers

We develop fully digital heat treatment controllers with reliable and precise measuring for industrial sector. Our controllers, ISQ and ISC, have from six to 12 controlling TC and up to 36 monitoring TC. It's possible to get even more measurement points to one heating by connecting up to 14 controllers to each other wireless or with cables. The controllers are designed for any kind of heat treatment consoles and furnaces, and can be mounted inside or to front panel. All the optional parts can be connected to all units due to customer's needs.

Ice Star Oy

Ice Star is the most advanced producer and designer of metal heat treatment control systems. We focus on industrial heat treatment controllers and software solutions. Our modern products are the most efficient and the highest quality while being easy to use and safe.