Heat treatment controlling software - ISPort

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The ISPort2 program license is free but renewable every three years. Request a license from office@icestar.fi

Mention the company name, responsible person and email address in your message
The program can also be used without registration
Everything you need to manage heatings
Facilitates the management of several simultaneous heatings (includes FUP2)
Additional features to the basic program
0€ / 3 years
14000 € valid continuously
2000 € valid continuously

Load the latest ISPort. Unzip the file and start ISPort2.exe (Code A000149)

All versions needs a license from Ice Star Oy. Request a license from office@icestar.fi

Latest version

Preliminary Testing V3.001

Before executing the ISPort program, the runtime environment must be installed. Run the included VC_redist.x86.exe program or download it from Microsoft's website. Installation may take some time.

The runtime files need to be installed only once.

Version information

V2.47 020920
Accidental change of settings at runtime prevented.
Changing permanent settings is blocked:
- After a reset
- During and after heating
- Make sure the heating is not running
- Disconnect the controller (A)
- Open the connection to the controller while pressing the SHIFT button (B)

A Disconnect

B Connect + SHIFT

V2.488 190721

The calibration program (ISPort2C) requires a password. Ask your supplier for a password

V2.50 220222

The tolerance time can be shortened by setting the "Optimization" option in the tolerance time dialog. The controller stops the holding range before the set time expires. How much time is shortened depends on the tolerances, the rate of change after holding, and the temperature.
The measuring points of the controllers can be hidden in the TC selection dialog.