Improving efficiency and reducing costs are important to our customers. We are answering to these needs by continuously innovating and developing our system.

We have built a whole digital heat treatment control system, which improves user experience thanks to hardware's automatically controlling, and continuous real-time data that increases reliability. IS System controls independently the power in powersource and keeps the processes stable in correct temperature for the correct amount of time and same time calculates the used energy. Precise measuring improves the quality and reduces operating costs. Minimize reworking and rejects.

ISPort calculates estimated process time automatically, so it helps with planning the whole heating project. Every event records to controller and customer can choose the needed information and data. Everything, for example reports, documents and heat treatment certificates can be made with ISPort. This can save time and operational capability.

Ice Star controllers are easy to connect and allows any kind of heating process method in any kind of furnaces, ovens and mobile facilities. Our versatile products offer a tailored assembly for customer needs. One ISQ controller have 6 or 12 controlling measurement points and up to 36 monitoring measurement points. Also bigger process, that requires more measurement points, is possible by connecting several ISQ controllers (up to 14) to each other with cables or wireless. This makes the heating with many welds faster and more cost-effective, without affecting the stability.

We offer continuous help and training to our customers to maximize performance. Ice Star are pushing the heat treatment industry forward and our products have value long into future.

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