New inverter-based heat treatment machine ISPowerX2

Technical data

Dimensions: 460mm x 330mm x 225mm

Weight: 18kg

Material: Stainless steel, painted steel

Power: Input 3x16A Output 2x3kW 58V 50A

Communication ports: RS485/USB converter and wireless Zigbee radio

Designed and engineered by Ice Star team


Includes current measurement and

over voltage protection

Equipped with a filter fan

Automatic element recognize

Automatic shut down

when heating is ready

Introducing ISPowerX2

ISPowerX2 is developed to help operator sustain productivity, efficiency and performance during difficult working conditions. Thanks to its modular design, with 2+2 thermocouples and 2 outputs, and light weight it's very easy to use and move across platforms. For these reasons ISPowerX2 is very multipurpose, and perfect for pre-heating and PWHT.


ISPowerX2 contains two controlling TC and two measuring TC. And if more TC is needed, it's easy to connect up to 14 ISPower X2, or other machines with IS units, to each other with expansion cables or with wireless Zigbee radio. They can be in separate independent heatings or all in same heating. Monitor and control them all from one PC.


Our new compact controller, ISG, controls the power from the two inverters inside ISPowerX2 for a perfect final result. ISG is a full digital controller with process display. It's possible to control and monitor processes directly with ISG's keypad or with PC. Thanks to the possibility to monitor and control the processes from PC, all the heating data is continuously saved to PC, so it's not needed to transfer the data separately from the controller after the process is done. At the same time ISG also stores all the information to its memory, so projects can be read to the PC when the time is right.

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