ISG controller

ISG is a panel-mounted controller, which can easily be connected to thyristor, contactor and induction/inverter driven power sources.

ISG controls continuously and has 2 analog output, 5 digital output, 2 analog input and 2 digital input.

ISG controller has 2 controlling measurement points and 2 monitoring measurement points. If more MPs are needed, it's possible to connect up to 14 controllers to same heating process with cables or wireless. All units can be controlled from one PC. ISG can communicate with PC with Zigbee radio or with RS485 Serial port .

All process plans are made with ISPort software. After the process is started the plan and the process will be saved to PC's and also to controller's memory. This enables the controllers independent working if there is no connection between unit and PC. ISG includes process display so it's easy to control and monitor processes directly from ISG. There are also leds for process status and alarms.


Dimensions: 125 mm x 95 mm x 65 mm

Material: Stainless steel, Aluminium

Weight: 400 g

Power: 24VDC 100mA