ISQ controller

ISQ is a panel-mounted controller, which can easily be connected to thyristor and contactor driven power sources.

ISQ controller has 6 or 12 controlling measurement points and up to 36 monitoring measurement points. If more MPs are needed, it's possible to connect up to 14 controllers to same heating process with cables or wireless. All units can be controlled from one PC. There is several communication capabilities with PC: WiFi/internet, Bluetooth radio, Zigbee radio, ISM modem, USB, Serial ports (RS232, RS485).

All process plans are made with ISPort software. After the process is started the plan and the process will be saved to PC's and also to controller's memory. This enables the controllers independent working if there is no connection between unit and PC. ISQ includes process display so it's easy to control and monitor processes directly from ISQ. There are also leds for TC/ process status and alarms.


Dimensions: 310 mm x 80 mm x 60 mm

Material: Stainless steel, Aluminium

Weight: 500 g

Power: 24 VDC 100 mA

Optional parts and accessories can be connected to ISQ due to customer needs


Current measurement sensor for up to 110A or 200A


Over voltage protection for all TCs up to 90V or 230V

Includes cold end compensation


Our expansion cable (RS485) is the most reliable connection method between controllers and also between controller and PC.

Cable length up to 400 m


ZigBee radio is one of our wireless connection method.
This ZigBee radio modem is meant to be connected to the PC
and it will talk wireless to the other radio built-in ISQ

2,4 GHz range up to 1000 m